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    If I gave one worthwhile suggestion in my previous Disabled List entry it was this: find a way to be on skis post-injury, pre-surgery. I did just that this past Sunday when I rode at Angel Fire Resort in NM. I headed up to AF with a couple of pals with the intention of just [...]

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  • 01/27/10--12:00: The RMU Skis Interview
  • SIA is fast approaching, and here at BroBomb we’re kicking off our event coverage with an interview with Mike Waesche of RMU Skis. Mike is a Summit County local, and his special-order-only boards are making waves in the crowded pool of independent ski manufacturers. Check back over the coming days as we take a good [...]

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    Three consecutive days of wandering aimlessly around the Denver Convention Center for SIA (stands for Snowsport Insiders and Alcohol) left many in attendance clamoring for something to do other than shake hands and flex skis. Luckily, the brilliant minds behind The Rail Yard at Ruby Hill Park—minutes from downtown Denver—hosted a rail jam on Saturday [...]

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  • 02/10/10--04:00: Trewly Technylish
  • When images of Trew Gear’s ’09-’10 line made their way online sometime last year, I wasn’t exactly blown away. I was a fan of the brilliant thumbs-up logo immediately, but nothing else struck me as particularly original. I thought the colors were fairly similar to what companies like SAGA and LDC were producing, and the [...]

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    It’s no secret that the BroBomb collective was less than blown away by Nimbus Independent’s 2009 project Contrast—a difficult admission as the Nimbus crew’s attitudes towards skiing and ski culture are so in step with our own. Where Contrast was overly-long and mired in philosophical meanderings of the “skiing as life” variety, En Route Nomads [...]

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  • 10/11/10--09:00: Feel Good Edit
  • This might the first honest to god sentimental ski edit ever, and it’s damn near perfect. The skiing isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, the editing is far from revolutionary, but yet the feel and the mood it conveys are unmistakable. All the more surprising is the fact that it’s the brainchild of Ian Compton—a skier better known [...]

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  • 11/08/10--00:00: Devolver
  • Let’s get this out of the way up front—in case my clever, witty pun of a title wasn’t clear—I didn’t like PBP’s latest offering, Revolver. That’s not to say that it didn’t have its moments, or even that most people won’t like it, but I just wanted to be up front in case you’re the [...]

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  • 11/15/10--00:00: The Ale of the Pale
  • Anyone even passingly familiar with European history knows all too well how our glorious sport of skiing came to be. With that, I’ll spare all 6 people reading this a detailed account of the events that ultimately culminated in Leif Erikson chopping down a tree with his bare hands and fabricating the first pair of [...]

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  • 12/01/10--00:00: Intervention: Gateway Drugs
  • Hey skiing. It’s me. Listen, I wrote you some long, stupid letter about how your choices have affected me, and how I won’t support you unless you make some changes. But the truth is that I’m going to be there whether you choose to associate yourself with shitty music or not. I know, I know, [...]

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  • 12/14/10--00:00: Buying the Bargain
  • With ski halfpipe’s inclusion in the 2014 Olympic Games looking more and more likely, the voice of opposition, once a murmur, has begun to ring out. Conventional wisdom would seem to suggest that a nod from the Olympic Committee would only accelerate freeskiing’s meteoric rise from laughingstock of the action sports world to fastest growing [...]